Joanna’s Restaurant

      Joanna’s Restaurant has started as a family business back in June of 1995. Mr Nikos and Mrs Joanna, along with their children Christos and Katerina have been part of the restaurant since day one. Mr Nikos and Mrs Joanna were the managers until 2009 when their son Christos took over the business and is the current restaurant owner.

    Joanna’s is one of the few respected family restaurant businesses in Paphos and through our experience we achieved on having regular customers of various nationalities including, english, germans, russians, greeks and cypriots. We provide the best service possible because we like to see our customers pleased each time they visit us.

      People can visit us for our big variety of drinks and coctails, our delicious cyprus and foreign dishes, our delightful beverages and our excellent service. They can enjoy a wide variety of beers while watching any sport game they like on our TVs. We usually show English Premier League, Europa League, Champions League football matches, Formula F1, Rugby Union and Rugby League matches.

      We would like to thank our customers for choosing us to be their favorite restaurant over the years, who consider us their friends and we would also like to invite new customers to join us, enjoy our service, our dishes and our hospitality.

Paphos, our Birthplace!

Paphos is one of the oldest cities in Cyprus. The Greeks believed that the mythical Aphrodite the Greek Goddess, was born in Paphos by rising from the sea. It was the center for Aphrodite’s cult and temple was built by the Myceneans in her name in the 12th Century B.C. Apostle Paul of Tarsus also visited the city in the 1st Century A.D.

    Our city is included in UNESCO’s list of cultural and natural treasures of the world’s heritage and combines admirable sight-seeings and enjoyable vacation. The town has a subtropical-mediterranean climate and has the mildest temperatures on the island of Cyprus. The typical summer season for Paphos is 8 months but even during winter season temperatures may also reach above 20 °C.

Tombs of The Kings

Tombs of The Kings is one of the greatest sight-seeings Paphos has to offer. It is a large necropolis, considered as one of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites and some of it’s tombs date back to 4th Century B.C.

    It is believed that it was a burial site for paphos aristocrats and high officials up to the 3rd Century B.C. Archaeological excavations still occur at the site in association with Cyprus Department of Antiquities and University of Sydney. The necropolis is lying about two kilometers northwest of Paphos Harbour, where you can find another unique sight-seeing, House of Dionysos – Paphos mosaics.